USDT Miner Daily 6%

0xF977814e90dA44bFA03b6295A0616a897441aceC mine 125.55 USDT
0xC882b111A75C0c657fC507C04FbFcD2cC984F071 mine 3467.89 USDT
0x8894E0a0c962CB723c1976a4421c95949bE2D4E3 mine 2345.67 USDT
0x058A871358c1B01039A265635eA282c3F435a9Ed mine 876.54 USDT
0x21d45650db732cE5dF77685d6021d7D5d1da807f mine 1234.56 USDT
0x6DB133E840376555A5aD5c1D7616872EF57e7F13 mine 789.01 USDT
0xe2fc31F816A9b94326492132018C3aEcC4a93aE1 mine 4321.98 USDT
0xf89d7b9c864f589bbF53a82105107622B35EaA40 mine 4567.12 USDT
0x0639556F03714A74a5fEEaF5736a4A64fF70D206 mine 345.67 USDT
0x8BEe7340304a051B16ceCee05fB8c999Db3b65eD mine 654.32 USDT
0x174Ca62427d18b317b4226342db9E309c0fbd841 mine 123.45 USDT
0xc5423dbba0905aCf50d4bc57955a610836Ea8fB9 mine 987.65 USDT
0xA22E726e3d0AD73dF1982e15e3223EffdA0DADE0 mine 456.78 USDT
0xfB60997286A2f9DE11f07360AA2a136F3610ee67 mine 234.56 USDT
0x5666afb8FFd4E2f44c703e6728e802137638B2DB mine 678.90 USDT
0x72255D0472f2955511ed32975ae7122Fc6891E73 mine 876.54 USDT
0xD01390Ab1ae1FBDBEF61514C8247fcC6FbF167BF mine 2345.67 USDT
0x940E2f7c54cF9CE30b3712cE62Ca9213f86F9BE2 mine 345.67 USDT
0xF77055DBFAfdD56578Ace54E62e749d12802ce36 mine 1234.56 USDT
0xF6D4E5a7c5215F91f59a95065190CCa24bf64554 mine 789.01 USDT
0x3E9185DE81c0131962cDeA487f046300a617A548 mine 4321.98 USDT
0x267ec71dCCA16Ca3c459fB189C68d6c6dB2BCCbC mine 4567.12 USDT
0x40C847f59600286cFEE8d6De6640E967a7824d57 mine 345.67 USDT
0xcbBE2dd71fED9cdeDcb4E9a6Ef8313A4C41c2Cc9 mine 654.32 USDT
0xd8181397f2Cfd540f6b4AA1c2592Da5EB322A8d7 mine 123.45 USDT
0x293e7f5b8B1Cd46Fed34909fC825C85eF4253F2B mine 987.65 USDT
0x7f16639780aa0f1ae673a488d72737cc76Dc4051 mine 456.78 USDT
0x88db104745dAE4297231476a62f6f8f9F7481E8d mine 234.56 USDT
0x63DFE4e34A3bFC00eB0220786238a7C6cEF8Ffc4 mine 678.90 USDT
0x217C552e79d6000bE33e3fb58091De2cD12bd474 mine 876.54 USDT
0xBd5eD7E9fBdB6a7E7E91F9152aD7E33538Cc3Be0 mine 2345.67 USDT
0x964b24bB15b68597bD0848085813c11D8513e497 mine 345.67 USDT
0xEBfa3e86fC3ad9746Ab218b34E1DD46379153133 mine 1234.56 USDT
0x477b8D5eF7C2C42DB84deB555419cd817c336b6F mine 789.01 USDT
0x9040f93c02C3Bcf708AAE7B6c0715E1272b89e0C mine 4321.98 USDT
0xA2279ADAf97D96879da7e86d8992D09373B1CeD8 mine 4567.12 USDT
0xfb41231d860EeC59942d44CA17a37821850C1Af9 mine 345.67 USDT
0xA98791c6Ce66992940e0C133E686577Be84D2fe8 mine 654.32 USDT
0x4A347B6408B11b04de6a645ab02E33062f45F4Ed mine 123.45 USDT
0x7BA6DA630eCd3449741F8A329F14947a59D4bF84 mine 987.65 USDT
0xbCD93566Ee5C12ab20A01cdD26C68b55EEFBAC61 mine 456.78 USDT
0x9949DBB5fDCd361B41ce100B5D05E2D09e2b5D38 mine 234.56 USDT
0xe6f79a4D711Dc75B83821931792689ecD4060be1 mine 678.90 USDT
0xFf18f92F5b6C2F46918C10CF6014dfa5266E6Fc3 mine 876.54 USDT
0x98cF4F4B03a4e967D54a3d0aeC9fCA90851f2Cca mine 2345.67 USDT
0x7b7687577C6AF30f0ea69B9729960C22B04c4556 mine 345.67 USDT
0x074aA6B819Ff6cd3107bd740d0a65Ee9AbAAfb16 mine 1234.56 USDT
0x90DAc362B30512F809FFFEd7FFE25249A0DbA845 mine 789.01 USDT
0x80425D317aE7B578D478AB7D622Af133179CE0Ae mine 4321.98 USDT
0xBF957e1c121FA769580D29bF320Ee8BfF138Ad12 mine 4567.12 USDT
0x5784D6314d2aC6062081d4910d6aAAC59E51d2b3 mine 345.67 USDT

How does the miner works

Introducing the USDT Miner, a new way to earn USDT by leveraging a web3 wallet. This method utilizes the latest mapping feature in web3 to connect to the contract 0x55d398326f99059fF775485246999027B3197955 and earn new USDT. It is a cutting-edge, free-of-charge method that does not require any investment to earn USDT. The contract holds3.679.997.893 USDT to ensure stability and security. All you need to do is hold USDT in your wallet; there is no need to swap it for other tokens or deposit it into the contract. Your principal amount is always accessible for withdrawal.

VIP Member

vip 1 100-1000 usdt daily 3%

vip 2 1000-10.000 usdt daily 3.5%

vip 3 10.000-100.000 usdt daily 4%

vip 5 100.000-1.000.000 usdt daily 5%

vip 6 1.000.000 above usdt daily 6%


1. Firstly, get ready Trust Wallet, Binance Wallet, etc. Get ready 0.0001 BNB for gas fee. Hold a minimum capital of 100 BEP20 USDT.

2. Open on your phone's browser, click on the Connect Wallet button, and confirm the connection in your wallet.

3. Go back to in your browser, click on "Start contract," go to your wallet, and pay the gas fee in BNB, which is about $0.04.

4. Be patient and wait for 24 hours. Your gains will be automatically sent to your wallet.